Tiger Tape

Tiger Tape Security Fencing

Tiger Tape Security Fencing

JSB can supply and install Tiger Tape razor wire as a security fencing option in Perth, WA

JSB have the fencing materials, the experience and the expertise to advise, quote on and construct the security fence you need and, if necessary, include the appropriate add-on of Tiger Tape razor wire.

Science can be a wonderful thing and when it comes to security fencing, having such a product is a real plus. Its creation enables any owner or operator of an industrial, institutional, defence or commercial property to add seriously powerful deterrents to their security network. No manned posts are required as the razor wire gives that extra dimension to stopping any and all unwanted intruders.

Security is required for all types of criminals be they young people out to cause mischief right through to seasoned criminals or fanatics who are out to cause serious disruption, even damage to a particular facility. Of course if the premises in question are a prison or other type of correctional facility then the security is as much to keep inmates in as it is to keep intruders out.

The beauty of this kind of fence is its flexibility and strength not to mention its potential to deter and damage intruders. The wire with its basic wire core and attached razor sharp attachments can be laid out in different ways. It is often constructed as a wall of wire which of course is impossible to crawl through and equally as lethal trying to climb over.

But when should you add Tiger Tape razor wire to your security fence? Which type of wire should be used and how should it be constructed? The answer to all these questions and in fact to anything regarding security fencing is found, free of charge, at Perth’s leading security fence contractor, JSB.

Because of their decades of experience and the strength of their pre and after sales service, JSB can provide a free quote which goes with our outstanding record of quality work finished on time every time.


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