Things to keep in mind while choosing driveway gates

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Your front gates help keep out burglars as well as keep in wandering house pets, but they’re normally the first thing people notice when they visit your property. Create a good first impression with the right gates at the entrance of your property.

Slide or Swing

Double swing gates are straightforward and fairly economical to set up – all you require are the hinges, and there’s a lot less deterioration in comparison to sliding gates. They’re also perfect if perhaps you’re looking for a more classic design. In case you live on a slope, you can even go for upward swinging or ‘lift and swing’ gates.

Unfortunately, all the swinging back and forth occupies space. An inward swinging gate takes up space that one could utilize for an additional car or garden, while an outward swinging gate is a lousy concept on a narrow street as you’ll be required to stop your car at a distance. You’ll also have to keep an eye on toddlers or pets that do not move out of the way quickly enough if your swinging gates are automatic.

In case you’re installing a sliding gate, you can either opt for a gate that slides along a track or a cantilever gate that is pushed and pulled through a beam fixed at one end and has no bottom tire system. Although the latter usually takes a little bit extra space, they’re much easier to maintain compared to track gates: dust particles and debris can accumulate in the tracks, creating noise and friction or getting plain stuck.

Sliding gates also demand extra space, so stay clear in case you reside in a home with a narrow driveway. The fact that they include additional moving parts also means that they’re more costly to install and maintain. If you require something you can easily set up and forget about these kinds because these are most certainly not the best idea.


Steel gates are certainly widely used nowadays compared to their wooden counterparts. Galvanized steel can last more than 50 years; while wood too may be treated to become water-resistant and prevent rot, it will still need to be frequently maintained. Moreover, steel can be simply molded to form decorative patterns and layouts – you can even paint your gate in fun colors! The critical point though is, steel gates are much more affordable.

That doesn’t imply wooden gates aren’t without their advantages – hardwood gates are strong and long-lasting, and they give your home a rustic appearance. The fact that they’re not common also sets them apart; being exceptional is the dream.

Solid or Exposed

Just how much do you value your privacy? A solid gate will keep prying eyes out, allowing you as well as your kids to move freely around during free time in your garden. They’re also recommended if you own pets that are easily agitated by passers-by and traffic.

Conversely, go for a slatted design that allows you to see outside but not the other way round.

A semi-exposed design and style with cut-outs or windows is ideal for preserving your privacy while still enabling you to see who’s at the entrance.

A design with bars or rods or embellished twists allows you room to be creative while allowing a view of your well-styled home – you didn’t undergo all of that trouble to just hide from view…Did you? They also make for lightweight gates which are much easier to push and pull by hand, while allowing better airflow.

Be smart with your design though: avoid very broad spaces that provide footholds for potential burglars or runaway pets. You can even combine a more exposed design with high, sharpened spokes to prevent gate climbers.

Automatic or Manual?

Do you need to automate your gate? Just like any other automated contraptions, they undoubtedly help make life simpler and more comfortable for the lazy one amongst us. They’re also a good safety measure if you drive: you don’t have to leave your unattended car running out on the street, or perhaps exit the car in the first place where you may possibly fall victim to ruthless people while opening your gates.

An automatic gate system does cost quite a penny to install and maintain. Things can likewise become problematic if your remote control malfunctions or runs out of battery power, so be sure you have your spare keys on hand always.

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