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JSB have been erecting all types of temporary fencing all over Western Australia for decades.

It certainly is true that for almost every construction job, you need a fence. Now a proper fence, a permanent fence may well be part of the plan but as most people know, you don’t build the fence and then build what goes behind it. Access for starters is one reason why that doesn’t happen. But the building project, whatever it may be, still needs protection. The workers leave for the day and the site needs to be protected. This is where the need for short-term fences arises.

It could be a simple building project like a swimming pool. The pool is being constructed and even without any water is still potentially a hazardous site. Around the pool goes the provisional fencing. And for every new house being built, what is there to stop anyone walking in and damaging the new construction? A provisional fence is the answer.

There might be some renovation, repairs or upgrade to a sporting oval or public park. In time the area will of course be open to many but while the work is being carried out or during the time the new grass needs to be established, nobody should trespass on the ground. Having a sign advising people to keep off will never work for dogs or even for many humans. A temporary fence will do the trick.

Now short-term fencing can take various styles. It can be wire mesh on a metal frame with the frames placed into solid blocks with each frame of the fence being locked together. It could be panels of timber sheeting nailed to posts placed securely in the ground. This type of provisional fence can attract posters usually put up by the mysterious Bill Posters.

Whatever your short-term fence needs may be, the best advice is to contact an experienced expert. JSB have the fencing materials and the expert installers to provide the perfect protection for your needs no matter how long your temporary fence is required. JSB give free advice and, more importantly, a free quote for all your work requirements. They can be contacted by phone on (08) 9571 3942 or online and are waiting for your call or email.


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