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Retaining walls are used in all sorts of situations and surprisingly even on flat or near flat blocks of land. The great Australian dream of owning your own home means that building blocks come in all shapes and sizes. In some cases the land is as flat as a pancake and in others there can be a considerable, even a very steep slope. Basically the wall, as the name suggests, retains something. Usually that something is soil, dirt or earth.

Some are almost only for aesthetic effect; people want some shape and contour to their garden or driveway approach and so have such as wall constructed. In some cases a steep block of land needs a it simply to stop erosion. A garden on a sloping block will often exist thanks to a retaining wall.

So when you decide to have such a wall constructed, there are several things you need to consider including the following.

• Materials used
• Builder chosen
• Purpose and price

This kind of wall is often constructed using blocks, bricks, breeze blocks or limestone blocks. But the wall could also be a fence-like structure using panel and posts. There are many different possibilities and the choice you make directly relates to the builder you choose. If it is a company such as JSB you will get a wide range of options and a lot more besides.

JSB have been in the construction business for decades and erected many different types of retaining walls. We have the materials, designers and tradesmen to provide you with ideas and information to make your initial design choice and then see the finished product is looking great and working exactly as planned.

Why do you want or need a retaining wall? JSB can help you with all your questions. If you want something practical and effective or something which shows off the rest of your garden, it doesn’t matter. JSB has the experience and expertise to make your vision a reality. We offer superb before and after sales service and even provide a free quote on your job simply by clicking below.


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