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Residential Fencing

JSB home fencing division offers a wide range of residential fencing solutions including colorbond fencing, picket fencing and a large range of other home fencing services.

Whether you are looking for the white picket fence or the security of steel fences, JSB are a good choice in Perth. When organising a new residential fence there are a range of things that you need to take into account. These vary from dealing with fence disputes with neighbours, to fencing bylaws and local council home fencing requirements.

Over many years experience and service in the residential fencing industry, JSB have been providing Perth with a fencing service that prides themselves on a reputation that always exceeds expectations.

Residential Fencing Services

• Asbestos removal & disposal
• fence repairs & fence removal – including storm damage and insurance work
• Colorbond fencing
• Retaining walls
• Hardy fence
Twin side
• Picket fencing
• Panel and post
• Limestone blocks



Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond Fencing adds value to homes and is available in a variety of styles and colours.

We have been designing and constructing fences for homeowners for decades. Few if any other fencing companies have the range of experience of our contractors.

Experience is a major factor in choosing the design and construction of your new fence. You need to deal with an experienced fencing contractor has built a wide range of fences, in a wide range of styles for a wide range of properties.

Expertise is essential. Building this kind of a fence for a private home is one thing, building it to the highest standards so it looks great and lasts is another. Select a fencing contractor with skills, equipment and a workforce which is the best in the business.

Colorbond Fence Swatches

It is easy to see the handywork of JSB Fencing when it comes to their finished products. There are satisfied customers throughout Western Australia who are delighted with the work done by JSB.

The fact that the fences constructed have stood the test of time and the contractor has gone from strength to strength is gratifying to you, the homeowner, knowing the fence you want and need is the fence you’ll get.

Price is always a factor for almost everyone. Sure we want the best quality materials and workmanship but it needs to be at a price we can afford.

One of the many strengths of JSB is their brilliant service providing a free quote for all their fencing projects. It is so simple – click get a free quote today and speak to one of our experienced staff.

Finally there is the matter of choice. This fence is a popular choice with many homeowners. It comes in a variety of sizes, styles and colours and when you have expert Colorbond installers like JSB Fencing, you get the best of both worlds.



Hardy Fencing

Hardy Fencing

JSB are professional suppliers & installers of Hardy Fencing in Perth, Western Australia.

The days are long gone since fencing for both commercial and residential properties had fences constructed using asbestos. The material is dangerous and not used at all in today’s modern constructions. An alternative for anyone looking for that same style of fence is today’s Hardy fence sometimes referred as a Hardie fencing. It is made from cement fibre but it is definitely made without any dangerous components particularly asbestos.

This fence has a lot going for it particularly in the great state of Western Australia. Because a this kind of fence can be dug deep into the ground, the base of the fence acts as a serious obstacle to animals keen on burrowing or plants trying to sneak onto your property. As far as appearance goes, the design of your fence is pretty much up to you; which is where dealing with Perth’s leading fencing contractor, JSB, really pays dividends.

We cover the complete range of tasks involved with your requirements. JSB cover design, manufacture and construction. If you have questions about Hardy fencing, or for that matter any aspect of commercial or domestic fencing, JSB is the ideal contractor.

JSB provide free expert advice, outstanding pre and after sales service as well as a free quote on all jobs. Obtaining free advice and a quote could not be simpler. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and the competitive prices on offer.

Your Hardy fence can be painted to any colour and so will add value and style to your property. These types of fences suit the sandy soils found in and around Perth. Your fence can be enclosed or open and to almost any height. The material is durable and will withstand the hottest summers.



Twin-side Fencing

Residential Fencing

JSB are suppliers of twin-side fencing in Perth for residential and commercial projects. 

There are times when someone’s fencing needs call for added strength. This could be because you want some added security to your boundary, your fence might be adjacent to a road or you might even want a retaining wall to do some serious retaining. This is where twin-side fences are often the pick of both owners and builders.

If you are concerned about security and, in particular, the strength of your fence, twin-side fences will allay any and all of your fears. The posts in a twin-set fence are cemented in the ground to a depth which is the equivalent of the height of the fence above ground. So that means the posts will be the

same height above and below ground. When you add the series of horizontal panels between your super strong posts, you will indeed have a powerful structure. Keeping out or dampening sounds from adjacent roads or properties can be achieved using the right type of twin-side fence.

Of course choosing the right type of fence is only half the task. The main task is engaging an expert and experienced contractor such as the highly reputable JSB Fencing. We have been operating throughout Western Australia for the best part of half a century. JSB know the fencing business inside and out and offer free professional advice to anyone considering a new fence. Twin-side fencing is just one of their areas of expertise.

And best of all you can ask them any number of questions about your proposed project and obtain free and precise advice. Then you can take advantage of our free quote service and discover just how competitive our costs are and have been for decades to thousands of customers just like you.

Take advantage of our outstanding service, especially our obligation and cost-free advice and discover just why JSB is the perfect contractor for your new twin-side fence.


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