Razor Wire Fencing

Razor Wire Fencing is a premium security fencing solution

Razor Wire Fencing Perth

JSB are expert installers of premium razor wire fencing in Perth.

If you own commercial or industrial premises and want security, then razor wire security fencing is your premium option.

With the right type of fence that might be all that is required to keep your buildings, plant and equipment safe. But as with most things, there are fences and then there are security fences. You want one that is not only the best in terms of design, materials and construction, but also the most appropriate and economically attractive.

Fortunately a high fence for security made of super strong materials will do the job on some occasions. But if you want or need added security then this can be done at a surprisingly reasonable cost by using the addition of razor wire. This is usually attached to the top of a fence making it impossible for any intruder to climb over without seriously injuring him or herself.

The best is made of super strong materials making it extremely difficult to cut or crush. The wire has doubled edged razors firmly attached which naturally are razor sharp.

One of the best benefits of razor wire is the psychological effect. A would-be intruder looks at the fence topping and retires without even attempting to break in; to do so is just too difficult not to mention downright dangerous.

It comes in a variety of materials and sizes and obviously needs expert handling during construction. If you operate a power station, cargo terminal, military or penal establishment, an airport or similar, attaching razor wire to your fence to enhance security is a logical step.

Another logical step is to contact one of the leading security fencing contractors in Perth – JSB. We provide free expert advice, have decades of experience, a long list of satisfied customers and provide a free quotation. This adds up to great news for you and lousy news for the criminals.


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