Palisade Security Fencing

Palisade security fencing has strength and style

Palisade security fencing

JSB can help you with new Palisade security fencing for your property.

When your business is closed for the day and there are no staff members around, your security fencing will still be on the job. It works for you when everyone else has gone home. And while there are several different types of fences to enhance security, the palisade fence has long stood the test of time in terms of efficiency, security, longevity and appearance.

The fence is made up of metal poles attached to a metal frame. The top of each pole is especially difficult for would-be intruders. The actual tip of each pole is sharpened and split slightly so there are not one but three razor sharp tips or prongs. It is impossible to grasp the poles without causing serious injury. And as the fence is often well over two metres in height, scaling such a security fence is extremely difficult.

Then you add to this height the depth which the foundations are dug making a ram raid or attack on the structure again almost impossible to break down. If you have an isolated property, knowing your palisade fence is made of top quality raw materials, has been manufactured to the highest standards and, if built by a leading fencing contractor such as JSB, will allow you to have peace of mind.

But the one issue not mentioned thus far is the appearance of your palisade fence for security. You may have a business which needs protecting but you do not wish to have your property look like a maximum security penal establishment. The fence can be constructed in a variety of colours and even complemented by being a part of an attractive brick structure; the poles being set within the frame of the brick pillars.

You know how important security is to your home or business. JSB has been designing, manufacturing and constructing these kinds of security fences for decades. We offer you free expert advice and a free quotation on your specific job.


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