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Providing Perth’s best gate solutions from design to gate installation, we have completed all sized gate jobs across Perth, we specialise in gate manufacturing and installation, so you know that you will get complete start to finish gate solution in Perth for all your fencing needs.

Every property owner wants their property to be safe and look good. A security fence is the logical choice to make to achieve both of these aims. Obviously the property will determine the type of fence but as far as security goes, a fence is only a part of the equation. A gate or gates for your home or business are very much a part of the deal. And the gate must equate to the fence in a number of ways including:

• Purpose
• Efficiency
• Appearance and
• Cost

The purpose of a security fence is to prevent the wrong people getting in and often to keep certain people from getting out. At least that’s the case with a prison. But likewise a school or kindergarten has a duty of care to the children being educated and so the perimeter fence has a double purpose. By directing all traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular, through the same gate or gates, the authorities or property owner can control their visitors. So if you have a seriously large and powerful security fence, it makes logical sense to have an appropriate, even automated gate. Anyone wishing to enter or exit illegally may be blocked by the purpose built security fence but may have no problems with the gate. Make sure your gate matches your fence in terms of security.

If you require a large gate because large vehicles enter and exit your property, you don’t want a log jam because the gate is inefficient. It needs to operate smoothly and quickly. It goes without saying it needs to afford the same degree of protection as the fence of which it is a part, but it must also be modern and efficient.

The gate should blend in with your fence and this is where design is so important. The gate should, if necessary, reflect the purpose of the property and can even contain emblems and ID regarding the business or institution. Appearance counts and a gate within a security fence is a perfect example to display the qualities and credentials of the property owner and its residents.

Cost too is always important. Getting the right design, the right strength and the right appearance will come at a price and it is this bottom line figure which means so much. How much more satisfying is it to be able to get a free and detailed quotation for the gate or gates for your property from a fencing contractor with a wealth of expertise and experience and which has been designed, manufacturing and erecting gates throughout Perth for decades?

JSB is your one-stop-shop for all your fencing and gate enquiries.


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