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With the beautiful weather here in Australia it is no surprise that more and more Aussies are turning their backyards into extra living rooms.  Our backyards are becoming private oasis’s, relaxing spaces where we go to unwind from the chaotic work week. The key to designing a tranquil outdoor oasis is privacy, and colorbond fencing is the best way to build it. If you have been shopping around for fencing options then chances are you have heard how good colorbond is – and with good reason. Still not convinced? Here are 8 reasons why you should choose colorbond:

It’s Australian-made

As Aussies we are proud to claim the Hills Hoist clothesline and the Victa lawnmower as our own, and Colorbond fencing is also becoming an Aussie icon. Colorbond fencing was innovatively created by Australian-owned BlueScope Steel and it can be seen in nine out of 10 new Australian homes. Colorbond is used for fencing, roofing, guttering and carports to name just a few.

Built to last

Being Australian made, the manufacturers understand the harsh elements that this sunburnt country of ours often endures. Therefore when it came to designing the colorbond the priority was for it to be able to withstand the various weather extremes that Australia is renowned for. Whether it’s an endless summer of scorching 40-degree days or the cyclonic winds and rain that arrive in the monsoon season up in northern Australia, Colorbond can endure it all.  And unlike timber and certain steel, there’s no risk of rust, rot or being eaten by termites.

It’s environmentally friendly

We are fast becoming aware that we are destroying our planet with all our production, manufacturing and general way of living. Buying environmentally friendly products is high on our lists, and the good news is that colorbond treads lightly. When you invest in a colorbond fence you can rest assured knowing that it is 100% recyclable and has not harmed our planet with toxic chemical treatments during the production phase.

It comes with a 10-year warranty

When you buy a colorbond fence you can breathe a little easier knowing that the fence is backed by 10-year warranty by manufacturer, BlueScope steel.

Adds value to your home

Colorbond is well known and highly respected due to its high-quality design and manufacturing. The flawless reputation of the brand makes it high on the list of homeowners. Just like kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces sell homes, so does a colorbond fence. By securing your home with a colorbond fence you are guaranteed to add value to your home.

Easy to maintain

Aside from removing cobwebs with the occasional hose down, there’s barely any upkeep or maintenance involved with owning a Colorbond fence.  Unlike timber fencing, you don’t have to re-stain or repaint it every couple of years. Colorbond is built to stand strong and look good for years and years, now it doesn’t get any easier than that.

Secure and private

If safety and privacy is top on your list, a Colorbond fence is one of the most secure types of fence you can own.  There are no gaps in colorbond fencing; this prevents nosy neighbours and  passers-by from peering in. Due to the high and sleek design, there are no foot holes; this prevents people from being able to climb up and in.

Looks great

With tall, sleek and clean lines, a colorbond fence commands presence. It comes in 14 different colours which allow you to tailor it to your setting, whether you have a rural, beachside or inner city property, colorbond will always look great. You can also keep a flowing colour theme by combining it with matching colorbond roofing, guttering and carports.  Colorbond plays an integral part in Australian home design.

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