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JSB Fencing has a professional workforce with expert employees who deal with every aspect of asbestos removal and disposal.

Tragically these minerals have been found to cause serious injury and death to many innocent people. The mining of the material in the mid-20th century was carried out often without any care or attention to the health of the workers. Years later many people who worked with asbestos and even their family members have suffered dreadful health effects.

Fortunately today there are laws which precisely describe how they are to be used. Thousands of buildings including homes, factories, schools and offices were built using these materials. They were even on fences. So when a building is to be demolished or a fence replaced or any structure built with asbestos is worked on, the laws regarding their handling must be applied.

Only operators who are licenced to work with hem may handle the material. The workers must wear specific safety clothing including a mask and gloves. They must be securely wrapped in a prescribed manner and cannot be transported without that required wrapping. Dumping of the harmful minerals in any area other than those approved is illegal.

Now all that being said means that if you have any building work – fence, house, garage, public building, etc., and that work involves removal of or dealing with them, you want the work done by licenced and experienced experts. JSB Fencing has experienced employees who deal with every aspect of asbestos. The subject is far too serious to allow anyone other than an approved and experienced expert to handle the situation from go to whoa.

Visit the JSB Fencing web site to see just how varied their services are. They design, manufacture and construct but they also remove materials and when these minerals are involved they have the qualified workforce. Do you have any questions about your work site? Are you concerned that they may be present?

Having free expert advice from JSB Fencing is a real bonus. Peace of mind is just the beginning. Then, when you’re ready to proceed with your building project, take advantage of the free quote service from JSB Fencing. You are in safe hands for all your building activities.


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